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STOP THE BLEED® Response Point Station Grant –

Award and Reservation Form

We are pleased to inform you that your college has been selected as a recipient of the STOP THE BLEED® Response Point Station Grant. Congratulations! This grant includes the deployment of Response Point Stations on your campus to enhance safety and preparedness for emergency situations at no cost to your school.


The grant includes the following:

  • Up to 12 Response Point Stations for high traffic areas.

  • 10-Year, Turn-Key, Public Safety Infrastructure – The grant covers all digital infrastructure, STOP THE BLEED® safety supplies, installation, connectivity, software, insurance, utilities, maintenance & support costs for 10-Years. The school pays nothing.

  • School Revenue Sharing – Receive media revenue once Cap-Ex is recovered; approx. year 3.5 

  • 10-Year, No-Cost, Refresh – Update with new technology or remove the unit with all costs included.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Stations available – Determine quantities below.

  • Cutting Edge Technology Options and safety integrators are available at additional cost.

By executing this non-binding acceptance form below, your college secures its place in line for funding and deployment. Please review the information provided and confirm your acceptance by signing and returning this form within three weeks of receiving this letter. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Distribution and Media Officer, Mike Mainthow, at We look forward to working with your college to enhance safety and preparedness on your campus.


STOP THE BLEED® is a U.S. Department of Defense ("DoD") program. The DoD has authorized Response Point Technologies to manufacture, sell and deploy the STOP THE BLEED® Response Point Stations.

Response Point Technology's mission is to provide necessary public safety infrastructure that helps save lives through sustainable, ad-based, communication strategies.

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Outdoor Station has Two 55" Digital Screens.

Unit mounts to concrete pad. Placement is outside of large buildings and gathering places. School branding can be incorporated into the design.

Indoor Station has One 55" Digital Screen.

Unit mounts to wall. Placement is inside of large buildings and gathering places. School branding can be incorporated into the design.

RPT Indoor.png

This form must be completed to participate in the grant award.

Thanks for submitting!

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